Emotion commotion poem

“Emotion Commotion ”
Creating a Web of Emotions with Inspiration
In this creative (and hopefully) fun project, you will be creating a “web” to describe an
emotion which you will later turn into a poem. Pick an original emotion; stay away from
the common “happy”, “sad”, “mad”, etc. Be CREATIVE!!
To start your web:
1. Place a main idea at the center of your web (center of a blank paper)
2. Connect at least 3 categories to your emotion
3. Then connect at least 2 notes to each category
The notes in your category linked to your emotion should be feelings, memories, events,
people, objects, and situations that you associate with that emotion. Please map out your
“web” and turn it in on Wednesday. This will count as one homework grade.
The final draft of your “Emotion Commotion” poem is due in your poetry portfolio along
with the copy of your web. The poem should be at least 10 lines and reflect elements
from your web. The poem does not have to rhyme, but it must incorporate at least 2 of
the poetry terms we have discussed in class.
Grading rubric
At least 10 lines
Contains 2 poetry devices
Effectively expresses emotions
Creative connections to life situations
10 points
20 points
40 points
30 points