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Friday 27th May 2011
Fatigue Management Programme launched
A Fatigue Management Programme for patients throughout the Western Isles has been launched by the
local Occupational Therapy Department.
The aim of the programme is to enable people with fatigue to explore the reasons for their fatigue and to
give them tools and techniques to help them manage the problem better.
The programme will run for five 2-hour sessions. The first four sessions will be held weekly at Western
Isles Hospital with video-link to Uist and Barra Hospital if required. The fifth and final session will be held
six weeks afterwards. The programme will run on a Tuesday afternoon.
Topics covered in the programme include the following, but will be extended depending on what is
needed by those that attend:
 What is fatigue, what causes it and what impact does it have on people?
 Tools to enable each individual to explore the specific causes of their fatigue
 Information on self management techniques to help people regain control of activities of daily
 Setting goals throughout the programme to enable people to manage their fatigue
Occupational Therapist Rhoda MacKay said: “Fatigue can be caused by many long term conditions
such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. There is evidence that suggests that
fatigue can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to do their normal activity. This programme
sets out to help them to overcome some of the restrictions imposed by their fatigue.
“Before the programme starts, a one-to-one appointment will be given to those interested in attending
the programme to assess their needs and answer any questions.”
If you are interested in attending the programme please contact Elaine Smith, Occupational Therapy
Department (01851 708287 or email for an application form.
Maggie Fraser
Communications Manager
01851 708060
Press Release
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