Do Online Spanish Workbooks have you curios, concerned, or

Online Spanish Workbooks
have you
curious, concerned, or frustrated?
Share your thoughts and experiences with me, Robert Sanders, at the CFE
Creative Course Design Drive-in Conference! I have five years of experience
using online Spanish workbooks and over 500 university students per term.
Learn about:
The Future of Online Workbooks
Choosing an Online Workbook
Fixing an Online Workbook
Using an Online Workbook
Piloting an Online Workbook
Keeping Students Happy
Keeping Teachers Happy
Improving Student Learning
General Presentation: 9:45-10:15
Course overview
Results of course redesign
Hands-on workshop: 10:15-1:45 (please register for boxed lunch)
Dr. Robert Sanders is the recipient
of a 2003 WebCT Exemplary
Course Award. He is an Associate
Professor of Spanish at Portland
State University and a Redesign
Scholar with the National Center
for Academic Transformation.
Online workbooks can
make your job easier
and more interesting.
They save me time and
Friday, November 16