Whitley County Middle School 2005 – 2006 Integrated Science

Whitley County Middle School
2005 – 2006
Name of Teacher:
Barry Baird, Jim Blankenship, Mary Wilson
Text book (s):
Holt Science and Technology
Integrated Science Course Syllabus
Prerequisites for Course:
Successful completion of Sixth Grade as per W.C. Exit Criteria
Course Description:
Students will study a variety of topics in the three major areas of science: earth, life, and physical. Incorporated
throughout these topics will be practical applications of scientific thought, technology, equipment usage, and
communication of findings. In addition, the influence of science on history, as well as modern society, will be
Core Content:
This course will follow the core content guidelines mandated by the Kentucky Department of Education. This
class will be taught through different units of study. These units will be taught: [1] Environmental Science, [2]
Cells, Heredity, and Classification, [3] Inside the Restless Earth, [4] Weather and Climate, [5] Introduction to
Matter, [6] Forces, Motion, and Energy. For additional information see Curriculum Map
Students will use a variety of materials including the Holt Science and Technology textbook series, ISBN #s 003-064782-7, 0-03-064777-0, 0-03-064792-4, 0-03-064772-X, 0-03-064784-3, 0-03-064802-5, 0-03-064797-5.
This class will incorporate interactive computer software, power point presentations, information from the
Internet, encyclopedias, science journals and magazines, instructional videos, hands-on activities, science related
field trips etc. as well as the outdoor classroom to expose students to a variety of instructional strategies.
As outlined in the student handbook
Classroom Rules:
All students will follow the classroom rules as established for the Whitley County Middle School in the student
handbook. Students will be responsible for taking care of all materials used in the classroom.
[1] Each student will be expected to do ALL assignments such as readings, group participation, projects, chapter /
unit activities, etc.
[2] Each student will be expected to complete at least one writing piece that may be used as a portfolio selection.
A specific date for completion will be given.
[3] Each student will do at least one oral report or presentation.
[4] Each student will do 6 or more open response questions. At least one per six wk grading period.
[5] Each student will complete an individual science fair project.
[1] Classroom activities, homework, written assignments, oral reports, etc. will be 50 % of grade
[2] Tests, open responses, projects, etc will comprise the remaining 50% of the student’s grade.
[3] All essay, open response questions, and projects will be assessed according to a scoring rubric as mandated by
the state. The percentage grade given to each level will be:
low 0 – 64
high 65 – 70
low 71 – 75
high 76 – 80
low 81 – 85
high 86 – 90
Distinguished low 91 – 94
high 95 – 100
[4] Classroom Grading Scale
91 – 100
81 – 90
71 – 80
65 – 70
64 and below
Common Testing Points:
All students will take a standardized multiple choice question exam at the end of each semester.