Supplementary Information file

Supplementary Information file for the article:
Hypertension and kidneys: unraveling complex
molecular mechanisms underlying
hypertensive renal damage
Silvia Mennuni 1, Speranza Rubattu 1,2, Giorgia Pierelli 1, Giuliano Tocci 2, Claudia Fofi 3, Massimo
Volpe 1,2
1) Dept. Clinical and Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine and Psychology, University
Sapienza of Rome, Ospedale S. Andrea, Rome;
2) IRCCS Neuromed, Pozzilli, Isernia;
3) Nephrology and Dialysis Unit, School of Medicine and Psychology, University Sapienza of
Rome, Ospedale S. Andrea, Rome, all from Italy.
Running title: hypertensive renal damage
Correspondence to:
Massimo Volpe M.D., Speranza Rubattu, MD.
Dep. of Clinical and Molecular Medicine
School of Medicine and Psychology
Sapienza University, S.Andrea Hospital, Rome;
IRCCS Neuromed, Pozzilli (Is), Italy
This file is provided to contain all references quoted in the Table 1 of the article that could not be
included in the main text due to space constraints.
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