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Spring Fever Australian Shepherds
Non-breeding / Pet Puppy Sales Agreement
The purchase price for a puppy from this agreement will start at $1000.00 for a pet/altered.
If the buyer(s) want this dog as a breed-able animal, all requirements must be met from the
terms below with a payment of the final price of $2,000.00. There will only be coownerships on dogs NOT going out with papers marked not for breeding.
This puppy has been sold for the purpose of being a companion animal, it can however be
shown in all venues of competition available for the Australian Shepherd including
intact/altered conformation classes should the owner desire.
1. This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase and is guaranteed
against infectious diseases having a two-week incubation period. At the option and expense
of the buyer, we suggest a health check examination by a veterinarian of their choice. This
should be done within one week of purchase, and the puppy is the full responsibility of the
buyer while on this approval period.
2. Should at any time the buyer choose to sell or place this puppy with a new owner, the
seller/breeder must first be notified and given right of first refusal. The seller/breeder is in
no way is responsible to purchase the puppy back. We will however take the dog back to be
re-homed. Signed papers must accompany the dog upon return.
3. This puppy is sold solely as a pet with no guarantee other than those stated in paragraph
one and two.
4. To be considered a breeding animal this dog:
A. Has to be certified free of any hereditary eye defects on an annual basis through
CERF clearances. As well as the hereditary cataract gene, if not cleared by parentage.
B. Must pass The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or PENN Hip must certify
this animal free of hip and elbow dysplasia.
C. Must have a conformation championship in AKC or ASCA and/or titles in the
obedience (CDX), or herding divisions OTDcs, ATDd, or Agility titles in Open.
D. A $5,000.00 penalty will be charged to the buyer(s) for breeding this dog before
terms are met.
Puppy’s Name_________________________________________________________________
Color_______________________________Litter Number_______________________
Date of Sale___________________________Purchase Price_____________________
I herby agree to all terms as set forth in this Sales Contract.
Purchaser’s Name______________________________________________________________
Phone Number_________________________________________________________________
Purchaser’s Signature_________________________________________________Date:
Litter Owner’s Signature____________________________________________ Date:______
The Scott Family