this questionnaire (word format)

Aperture Whippets Puppy Questionnaire
Names: _________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
How long at this address: _______________________________Own/Rent___________
Phone: (H)__________________(W)_____________________(C)_________________
Email: (1)__________________________________(2)___________________________
Occupation:__________________________ How long at your present employer_______
Employer’s Name:________________________________________________________
Referred by:_____________________________________________________________
Children? Y or N
If yes, how many and ages_______________________________
If no, do you plan to have children and if so, when and would you have to get rid of your
Other Pets?______________________________________________________________
Do you or anyone in your family have allergies? Y or N
If yes, please explain the
nature of those allergies and their severity______________________________________
Puppy Owner Info
What would occur if you were to separate or divorce your spouse or significant
Please give a short description of what attracted you to the Whippet breed and
tell us about any research you have done and people/breeders that you have corresponded
Please describe the layout of your house /apartment./condo?_______________________
Where will dog stay, while you are away or working?____________________________
What about while you are sleeping?__________________________________________
Please describe your yard__________________________________________________
___________________________________________Fenced Y or N_______________
You do know and understand that a Whippet is a sighthound and must remain
on a leash at all times or in a secure fenced area? Y or N.
Interested in: Puppy:__________ Young Adult___________Older Dog____________
You understand that if you relocate or change any contact info, that you will contact
us to keep them updated? Y
N. We would appreciate
knowing within 60-90 days of any address change.
You understand, if any reason arises, that you cannot keep this dog, you will contact
Us first, so that we can make arrangements to get dog back? Y
If you start to have any problems or training issues with the puppy, you will contact
Us at the first sign, so that we can help you work through the problem and keep
this puppy / dog a wonderful member of your family for his/her life?
Please describe below your plans for the puppy / dog, once he/she comes to live with you
and steps for training and time you intend to invest to allow him to become the very best
member of your family possible _____________________________________________