Health Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed for a period of one year against any life threatening hereditary
diseases. This includes severe hip dysplasia, heart, and kidney defects. If the puppy is
diagnosed with a life threatening disease (supported with documented proof by a qualified
veterinarian) within the guarantee time period, the purchaser must notify the breeder
immediately. The breeder has the right to get a 2nd qualified opinion from their veterinarian to
qualify same.
The puppy must be returned to the breeder so a healthy replacement puppy of equal value can
be give to the purchaser as soon as one is available. At no time will any money be returned to
the purchaser. The purchaser assumes all vet bills incurred up to that point on his/her puppy.
The breeder does not guarantee for cherry eye, restrictive nares, elongated soft palate or
small trachea.
We highly recommend that you purchase health insurance for your pet. Most insurance plans
will cover up to $5000 of health expenses which could include any sickness that your new
puppy may get from a new home.
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