Enlightenment Gallery Walk

Enlightenment Gallery Walk
1. Whose ideas did he support?
Francis Bacon
2. What did he believe scientists should
rely on to explain laws of nature?
3. What did he feel all scientists should do
to gather accurate facts?
Jean Jacques
1. What did his political ideas influence?
2. He was concerned with liberty. What
was he quoted as saying?
3. He suggested that people form
governments for protection and rulers
must do what?
Isaac Newton
1. What is gravity according to Newton?
2. Why did he believe planets orbited the sun?
3. What type of math did he co-found?
Rene Descartes
1. He was the “Founder” of what, and the
“Father” of what?
2. What did Descartes believe was
necessary to reach the truth?
3. What is his famous quote?
Johannes Kepler
1. Who influenced Kepler?
2. Who ignored Kepler’s research?
3. What is he famous for?
Galileo Galilei
1. He was one of the first scientists to use
2. What did he discover about the moon
after building his own telescope?
John Locke
3. Because Galileo agreed with
Copernicus, that the Earth revolves
around the sun, what happened to him?
1. He was the first person to write about
2. According to Locke, what are the
rights that no government can take
3. He believed that all people are born
equal. What else did he feel could free
1. What did she argue in her book A
Vindication of the Rights of Woman?
2. How did she feel women could gain
liberty and freedom?
3. What professions were women not
allowed to practice during her time?
Adam Smith
1. He is known as the “Father” of what?
2. In his book, The Wealth of Nations, he
stated the only way for a nation to
become wealthy was to allow what?
3. He argued that economies work best
when people are allowed to do what?
1. He was the first scientist to argue
2. Why didn’t he publish his work until
3. Which astronomers did he inspire?