Chapter 132 Sec 3 Science and Society pp 364-369

Chapter 13 Sec 3 Science and Society pp 364-369
Bacon, Descartes, and the Scientific Method
What did the Scientific Revolution lead to? What was the first effect of the Scientific
Who was Francis Bacon? What did Francis Bacon try to get done?
Who was René Descartes?
What did Rene Descartes believe?
What did he believe knowledge begins with?
How did Decartes thing experiments should be conducted?
The Scientific Method
procedure (academic vocabulary)
What is the scientific method? Explain the steps in the Scientific Method
Idea to consider~What would a scientist do if repeated experiments show that a theory is
What is a hypothesis?
Science and Government
The Power of Reason
What became clear after the Scientific Revolution?
What did philosophers decide to use reason to do?
How was the reason used to improve society?
Democratic Ideas
How did scientists think that could improve society?
Once scientists discovered laws that governed nature what other laws did they think
might exist?
What idea did these new laws lead to?
How did science influence ideas about government?
Science and Religion
What led to conflicts between the Church and scientists?
Reason for Conflict
Why did the Church and science come into conflict?
The Trial of Galileo
Why was Galileo put on trial?
What happened at the trial?
Knowledge and Belief
What information in the books proves that Copernicus, Newton and Bacon were religious