Facts on landfill dust are evident

Facts on landfill dust are evident
South-East Advertiser, Wednesday October 14, 2009
IN RESPONSE to the comments made by BMI
Group property manager David Evans about
local residents anonymously distributing
“defamatory” material about alleged dust from
the Murarrie Landfill site damaging the
company’s reputation.
The Environmental Protection Authority has
also done scientific testing of the air quality. Its
results indicate that the landfill is a contributor
to air pollution with excessive levels of
particulates in the air at the time of the study.
This can be viewed at www.epa.qld.gov.au/
The operators of this landfill are capable of
damaging their company’s reputations without
any assistance.
The fact is that Brisbane City Council served a
Notice of Intent to resume the Murarrie Landfill
in February.
Craig Squires, Murarrie