Ethics reading #1

“Mexico, Here I Come”
As you come to the end of your sales presentation, you realize that one of your best
customers, Sam Adams, may not buy from you. Sam and you have become friends over
the last three years. Losing this sale will result in you missing out on a $500 bonus,
forfeiting a chance to win a trip to Mexico and failing to reach your sales quota for the
When you finish, Sam says, “we can’t buy.” You then explain your situation to him. He
says, “well, why don’t you ship the merchandise to me. After the contest is over, but
before it is time for me to pay for it, I will ship it back to your company or you can transfer
it in small quantities to several of your other customers. That way, you’ll get credit for the
You know that your supervisor will not mind because if you reach your sales quota he will
also look good and be rewarded. What do you do?