household chemical research assignment

Name: ___________________
Due Date: Monday February 12, 2012
Find a chemical (Windex, Mr. Clean, …) at home and find the
following information from the labels on the container and / or by
researching the internet
1. Name of the product
(Value 1)
2. Draw & name the HHPS or WHMIS symbols
(Value 2)
3. Determine the actual chemicals in the product ( to a
maximum of 5 )
(Value 5)
4. What are some safety precautions (3) you should take when
using this product?
(Value 3)
5. What are some first aid measures (3) for when you have been
exposed to the product?
(Value 3)
This assignment must be typed in 12 font.
Must include a title page ( assignment, “your chemical
product”, your name, class, name of teacher, date)
Example of Title Page (Value 6)
Household Chemical
Research Assignment
“Your Chemical Product”
Chris Bosh
Science 9
Mr. Hogan
Sept. 19th, 2011