ISE 2015 Press Release - HD Over IP `Goes PRO`

ISE 2015, Amsterdam, NL – February 10-12, 2015 – stand 5-U120
WyreStorm Goes Pro with Launch of NetworkHD-PRO™, New Scalable HD-over-IP Solution using H.264
Compression Technology.
Hot on the heels of their NetworkHD™ JPEG2000 HD over IP solution launched at CEDIA 2014 in the US,
ISE 2015 in Amsterdam is the venue for WyreStorm to launch NetworkHD-PRO™ - the latest development
in WyreStorm’s professional NetworkHD range utilizing H.264 for the ultimate in quality, low bandwidth
yet highly expandable modular HD distribution over a network.
Swindon, Wilts. – Jan 12, 2015 – WyreStorm, a global manufacturer committed to providing Total AV
Solutions for residential and commercial system integrators, announced plans to showcase their newly
launched NetworkHD-PRO™ range of professional H.264 HD-over-IP solutions at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam,
NL, February 10-12 2015.
NetworkHD-PRO - HD-over-IP H.264 Encoding/Decoding/Distribution Solution
As with its JPEG2000 sibling released September 2014, NetworkHD-PRO also is built around a modular
and highly scalable infrastructure design that easily allows the number of sources or zones to be
expanded by simply adding more transmitters or receivers, with this next generation of NetworkHD
range offering a total convergence between IT & Audio Video design. A flexible, multipurpose IP
Network Distribution system with low latency and low bandwidth demands, NetworkHD-PRO offers
single source NHD-PRO-1TX transmission options for combined HDMI to H.264 encoding, switching,
decoding and control with the NHD-PRO-CTL control unit for content streamed simultaneously through
a network switch over conventional LAN without conflicting with other IP devices that might be present.
Network HD Pro offers super-efficient bandwidth management making it the perfect tool to manage
very large installations over existing LAN infrastructure.
With receivers offering Video Wall Processing NHD-PRO-RX-VW or Multi-view functionality NHD-PRORX-MV, users can view up to 16 connected sources on the same screen at the same time, much like
video version of a photographic contact sheet, and output in various video wall configurations. With
POE support and bidirectional RS232, Network HD-Pro is compatible with the WyreStorm Enado control
interface for an effortless creation of scalable ‘one-manufacturer’ total HD distribution and control over
IP solution.
Offering instant switching between source, Video Wall and Multi-View, resolutions up to 1920x1200 @
60Hz, NetworkHD-PRO applications extend to not only digital signage, but also hospitality, education,
corporate installations of any size, allowing projects to grow simply and cost effectively as the needs of
the client change.
Key features include:
H.264 video codec for low bandwidth content compression
Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 Resolution @ 60hz
Instant switching between source, video wall & multi-view
Low network demands over LAN - 10-40 mbps bit rate adjustment depending on bandwidth traffic
Extremely low latency < 100ms
Audio embedding & de-embedding
2-Way RS232 & POE supported
WyreStorm Enado control compatible
Flexible modular infrastructure able to expand to meet the needs of the system, featuring:
NHD-PRO-1TX Single Source HDMI to H264 Encoder (transmitter)
NHD-PRO-RX-VW H.264 decoder with Video Wall Processing (converts back to HDMI for Video Wall
NHD-PRO-RX-MV H.264 decoder with Multi-View Processing (displays all connected sources on one
NHD-PRO-CTL NetworkHD-PRO Control Unit
NetworkHD - Dedicated JPEG2000 HD-over-IP solution
Initially announced at ISE in January 2014 and launched 7 months later, NetworkHD is a JPEG2000 high
quality HDMI over dedicated IP network AV extender with powerful KVM and video wall functionality
designed for commercial HD distribution applications where a higher quality of content resolution takes
priority over bandwidth.
Comprising of an NHD-IP-TX transmitter, NHD-IP-RX receiver and NHD-IP-CTL controller, the modular
system architecture removes the limitations of a traditional fixed platform matrix system whilst offering
significant cost savings when designing large scale infrastructure systems as well as integrating other
features such as Video Wall processing.
Functioning on basic Layer2 SMART switches, NetworkHD does not require advanced integrator
Network experience to install, nor does it require a managed network switch with VLAN configured,
making it one of the simplest HDMI over IP systems available. The control unit is designed to simplify
the control integration with WyreStorm Enado and other control solutions.
Key features include:
JPEG2000 lossless video compression
HDMI Pass-through
Extend transmission distance to 100m/328ft from the sources at 1080p
1920x1200 resolution at 60fps.
RS232 Control & Pass-Thru IP control API & PC software control suite
USB signal transmission, Support USB 2.0
HDCP and HDMI 1.3 compliant
Bonjour automatic discovery of system components
Web based configuration
Compatible with any Layer 2 Smart switch
NetworkHD™ is available now. NetworkHD-PRO will become available immediately following ISE 2015.
Contact your authorized WyreStorm Sales Partner for more information and pricing details.
“Visitors to the WyreStorm stand this ISE 2015 will hopefully already be aware we have followed
through on some big talk last year by releasing some great products over the past 12 months that offer
the integrator more in terms of functionality, compatibility and affordability in an ever more competitive
market place.”
“Following on from NetworkHD, our first HD over IP solution, NetworkHD-PRO takes it to another level
by offering a range of flexible and highly scalable IP distribution systems that enable integrators to
quickly and simply create professional AV solutions over a network that is fully compatible with
WyreStorm Enado control interface and fully expandable to allow the system to grow with the needs of
the client to provide a true one-manufacturer total AV solution for any residential or commercial
Adrian Ickeringill – WyreStorm EMEA General Manager
Digital images available:
For more information on this and all WyreStorm products, visit
VISIT US AT ISE 2015, Amsterdam, NL, February 10-12 2014 - stand 5-U120 for bold new solutions
offering the professional integrator even more, including full 4K distribution with HDMI and HDBaseT
5Play matrices, 4K/HD scaling and in-line audio downmixing, slim-line 4K extenders, receivers and
splitters and a powerful new 4K test kit.
When combined with the official launch of the much anticipated Enado control interface and their new
NetworkHD-PRO H.264 IP solution, as well as their modular HDBaseT matrix shortlisted for the inAVate
2015 awards, WyreStorm has plenty to shout about at ISE stand #5-U120 this year.
About WyreStorm
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