Native American Instructional Aids


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Instructional Aids and Resources

Unit: Native American’s

Web Sites

American West – Native Americans

. (2008). Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from


A One-stop source for in-depth and extensive information on Native Americans, covering the past, the present and the future; topics include: Native American

Leaders of the Past, Native American Nations Homepages, Native Americans in the U.S. Military, Native American Native Languages

Burke, P.

First People

. Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from o

A website dedicated to all First People of the America's, and Canada. This is a child friendly, educational site about American Indians and members of the First


Curtis, E.S. (2003

). Curtis Library: The North American Indian


Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from


Search for historical facts by tribe name

Have Fun with History: Native Americans.

(2009). Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from


Educational Videos about Native Americans

How Stuff Works. (2009).

Native American History


Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from o

Facts about Native American History including video

Institute, Smithsonian. (2009).

National Museum of the American Indian at the

Smithsonian Institute.

Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009 from o

Facts and information, displays and photographs about the Native Americans of the United States and Canada

Native American Facts for Kids

. (1998). Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from

. o

Fact sheets about Native Americans in general and specific Native American tribes

Native North America and Canada.

Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009, from


Click on the name of the native nation to bring up a fact sheet which includes:

Location, History, Language, Daily Life, and links to further information

Outline of American History: Early America


Retrieved Oct. 16, 2009 from

- The first Americans; historical background on the First

Americans -- Mound Builders and Pueblos -- Native American Cultures


Bibliography of Native Americans (CD-ROM). o

Coverage: 16th-century+.

First Encounters: Native Americans and Europeans in the Mississippi Valley. [CD-ROM] o

This CD-ROM provides interactive, multimedia software that enables students to investigate many aspects of Native American and European encounters in the

Mississippi Valley through study of original historical sources, including texts, maps, artworks, and archaeological finds. (Arkansas Archeological Survey, 2475

North Hatch Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72704. e-mail: [email protected];

Web site:


Native American Design o

Collected from rare and authentic sources, nearly 500 stunning color and blackand-white illustrations celebrate traditional Native American art. Discover magical designs used to decorate clothing, ceremonial masks, jewelry, blankets, utensils, and more. (Dover Publishing)


Games- Easy to Prepare, Fun to Play o

Games of the North American Indians o printsec=frontcover&source=in&hl=en&ei=83PcSsSQFYSeMZfvkeYH&sa=X& o oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=13&ved=0CDAQ6AEwDA#v=onepage&q=n ative%20american%20games&f=false (Dover Publications)

Handbook of American Indian Games o es&printsec=frontcover&source=in&hl=en&ei=83PcSsSQFYSeMZfvkeYH&sa=

X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=12&ved=0CC0Q6AEwCw#v=onepage& q=&f=false (Dover Publications)

Native American Games o

Native American Game Ideas o

NativeTech's Online Interactive Games o

Teacher Referenced Books

Davis, M. B. et al. (Eds). (1994).

Native America in the twentieth century: an encyclopedia.

Garland. o

A vast collection of articles, forty percent of which are by Native people, address a variety of topics such as BIA schools, art, health, individual Native Nations, supplemented by bibliographies, maps, and photographs.

Harvey, K. D. & Harjo, L. D. (1995).

How to teach about American Indians: a guide for the school library media specialist.

Greenwood. o

Recommended to both school librarians and teachers.

Hirschfelder, A. & Molin, P. F. & Wakin, Y. (1999).

American Indian stereotypes in the world of children: a reader and bibliography.

Scarecrow. o

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe from the White Earth Reservation, Cherokee/Arab.

Hirschfelder, A. & Wakim, Y. B. (2000).

Native Americans today: resources and activities for educators grades 4-8.

Libraries Unlimited.



Mihesuah, D. A. (1997).

American indians: stereotypes & realities.

Clarity Press. o

Valuable overview—deconstructs and re-educates, especially recommended to teachers, but also a good fit for young adults. Ages 12-up.

Seale, D., Slapin, B. (2005).

A broken flute: the Native American experience in books for children.

AltaMira Press. o

“[A] book of reviews, critically evaluating children’s books about Native

Americans, along with stories, essays, and poems from its contributors. This book will be a valuable resource for community and educational organizations, and a key reference for public and school libraries, and Native American collections.”

Slapin, B. & Seale, D. (Eds). (1998).

Through Indian eyes: the native American experience in books for children.

American Indian Studies Center. o

This book is worth buying for the poems, art, and essays alone.

Wormack, C. S.

Red on Red: Native American Literary Separatism.


A fascinating examination of the way in which Native literature should be evaluated--on its own terms with the understanding that it is not a branch on the tree of mainstream literature but rather a tree unto itself.

Student Literature

Baker, O. (1985).

Where the buffaloes begin

. Penguin. [ISBN 0140505601]

Baylor, B. (1986).

Hawk I’m your brother.

McMillan. [ISBN 0689711026]

Baylor, B. (1987).

The desert is theirs.

McMillan. [ISBN 0689711050]

Baylor, B. (1987).

When clay sings.

McMillan. [ISBN 0689711069]

Blood, C. (1990).

The goat in the rug.

Alladin. [ISBN 0689714181]

Creech, S. (1996).

Walk two moons.

Harpercollins. [ISBN 0064405176]

Edrich, L. (2002).

The birch bark house.

Hyperion Books. [ISBN 0786814543]

Goble, P. (1987).

Buffalo woman.

Bradbury. [ISBN 0027377202]

Goble, P. (1984).

The gift of the sacred dog.

McMillan. [ISBN 0020432801]

Goble, P. (2001).

Girl who loved wild horses.

McMillan. [ISBN 0027365700]

Hobbs, W. (2005).

Kokopelli’s flute.

Aladdin. [ISBN 1416902503]

Martin, B. (1997).

Knots on a counting rope.

Holt Publishing. [ISBN 0805005714]

Miles, M. (1985).

Annie and the old one.

Little Publishing. [ISBN 0316571172]

Non-Fiction Books

Bealer, A. (1996).

Only the names remain.

Econoclad. [ISBN 0785790640]

Fradin, D. (1999).

The Cheyenne.

Children’s Press. [ISBN 0516412116]

Freedman, R. (1992).

Indian chiefs.

Holiday Publishing. [ISBN 0823406253]

Hook, J. (1986).


Sitting bull and the plains Indians.

Watts Publishing. [ISBN

Santella, A. (2000).


The apache (true books: American Indians).

Children’s Press. [ISBN

Stein, R. & Catrow, D. J. (1989).


The story of wounded knee.

Children’s Press. [ISBN

Tingle, T. (2005).

Walking the choctaw road: stories from red people memory.

Puntos Press. [ISBN 0938317733]