I. Introduction
A. What would the world be like if it were populated by clones?
B. Background Information
1. How cloning came about - medical
2. Why cloning has been pursued - purpose
3. Ethical debates on cloning
C. The complete cloning of human beings is a dangerous practice and needs to be
banned worldwide.
1. Misuse and misunderstanding of clones - possible abuse
2. Criminal forensics problems
3. Over population
II. Misuse and misunderstanding of clones - possible abuse
A. Clones not walking organ banks
B. Clones are not drones/soulless robots for experiment
C. Clones not the original person all over again
D. Clones are individual people with same DNA as original person
III. Criminal Forensics Problems
A. DNA sampling would be useless
B. Eyewitnesses would be useless
C. Criminal Justice system would collapse
IV. Over populations
A. Current over population problems
B. Projected future over population problems
C. Clones further burden to a resource-lacking planet
V. Conclusion
A. Summary of arguments
1. Clones are misunderstood and can potentially be abused
2. Clones would destroy the criminal justice system
3. Cloning would hasten the depletion of natural resources
B. The cloning of full human beings should be prohibited by all nations.
C. Humans are not qualified to play God, nor do they think far enough into the
future to be trusted with God-like powers