Review Guide

Chapter 6 Review
1. The rate of doing work is called ____________________.
2. Work requires that an object ________________.
3. An engine does 3000.54 Newtons of work in 8.34 seconds. How much power is the engine doing?
4. To increase your power, you must increase what 2 things?
5. To increase your power, you can also decrease the _____________.
6. A force of 9.885 Newtons moves a car a distance of 68.7 meters in 3.21 seconds. How much power
was required?
Mass of an elevator is 1654.2 kg. A motor raises the elevator 15.9 meters at a constant speed for
10.75 seconds. What is the power of the motor?
8. A car has a drag force of 343.21 lbs and is capable of a constant velocity of 87.56 mph. How much
power (Hp) does the engine have?
9. Not all energy or power is converted. Some is lost due to _________________,
__________________, ______________________.
10. An elevator motor has an output power of 98.54 W and an input power of 99.34 W. What is the
efficiency and percent efficiency?
11. The angular speed of a record is 724.54 rad/s. The Torque is .085 J. How much is the power of the
12. A tank has a volume of 7.52 and the pressure is 14.54 PSI. What is the power needed to fill the tank
in 2.75 seconds?
13. If the diameter of a pipe is 2.65 meters, the speed of the fuel in the pipe is 2.44 m/s and the pressure
changes from 150.56 kPa to 250.34 kPa, what is the power?
14. A __________________ system uses water to convert fluid power into mechanical power.
15. A _________________ system uses gas to convert fluid power into mechanical power.
16. A pump increases the __________________ of the fluid.
17. __________________________________________ burn gasoline or fuel to power cars and trucks.
18. In _____________________, hot gases from burning fuel pass through sets of blades to turn the
blades; used in airplanes and ships.
19. Rocket motors burn fuel and push the hot gases through _______________ - to provide lifting power.
20. The _________________________________ of a fuel is the amount of heat released when one
kilogram of fuel is completely burned.
21. How fast a charge does work in a circuit is called ______________
22. A circuit has a power supply for a laser that has a current of 15.76 amps when the voltage is 110
volts. What is the power?
23. A current of 2.27 A has a Voltage of 110 V, what is the power?
24. A Current of 2.27 A has a Resistance of 5.6 What is the power?
25. A Voltage of 110 V, has a resistance of 5.6 What is the power?
26. If our current is 6.5 Amps for a TV and we use a 120 V outlet to run the TV for 24 hours, how much
energy will we use?
27. Choose one of the following essays (10 points):
a. Explain how an internal combustion engine works:
b. Explain why a nozzle is necessary on a rocket and what it is used for.