Justin Tyler Crowe
cell is like a truck
Nucleus is like a vehicle
Because the computer
controls everything
Cell membrane is like a fuel
filter because it catches trash
in the fuel an lets clean go
Cell wall is like a car frame
because the frame supports
the whole car
Endoplasmic reticulum is
like a fuel line because it
carries the gas to the motor
Golgi apparatus is like a fuel
pump because the fuel pump
pumps gas from the tank
through the gas lines
Mitochondrion is like a
engine because the
engine is what produces
all the power
Vacuole is like a gas tank
because the tank stores the
gas until it needs to use it
Ribosome is like a piston
because this is were the
fuel burns
Compare/contrast plant and
animal cells
The plant cell
has a cell wall
for structure and
support this is
located on the
out side of the
The animal
cell has a
for structure
and support
an its located
inside of the