Lab One Determination of an unknown substance

Lab: Determination of an unknown substance
Given a series of unknown substances, determine whether the substances are compounds
or mixtures. Noting the physical and chemical properties of each is the key to success in
this lab. 50% of your lab grade for this lab is your lab report; the other 50% is divided
among your results (were they correct?) and the creation of your lab itself.
The tools you may use:
Anything in your lab drawer.
A Bunsen Burner, balances, ring stands, etc.
Water, fire, etc.
The freezer in the stockroom (w/ permission).
Aluminum foil, paper, etc.
Ask permission to use anything else.
DO NOT EAT OR TASTE THE SUBSTANCES- Some may be poisonous!
Step 1- Obtain 3 samples; one set will be black, one will be white. Use the same color
Step 2- Complete the lab report sheet according to instructions. This will be quite
involved, as it is actually part of doing the lab; it will also give you a great start on your
Step 4- Formal lab report: Write your conclusions out: Was your hypothesis correct?
What about your methods- would you have changed anything? Did anything go wrong?
What would like to do differently? What is your “final answer?”
The expectation for this is that you begin before you leave; that way, when you
have questions, I can answer them while you are here. Use your time wisely.
Step 5- Turn this into me on Friday, completely finished and semi-polished. (Don’t turn
in trash- you will re-write it if I deem your effort isn’t there).