Middle East Part II Study Guide

World Cultures
Middle East Part II
Study Guide
2. Reforms of Kemal Ataturk
3. Nasser as an Egyptian hero
4. Muhammad Ali tried to modernize Egypt
5. Reza Khan and method of modernizing Iran
6. Ayatollah Khomeini
7. Saddam Hussein
8. Osama Bin Laden
9. PLO – Full name and goal
10. Hamas
11. Hezbollah
12. Al-Qaeda
13. Taliban
14. ISIS
15. OPEC – Full name and responsibilities of members
16. Shari’ah / Shari ’a
17. Nationalism and Imperialism
18. Mandate
19. Zionism
20. Islamic Fundamentalism
21. Inflation
22. Embargo
23. Define Pan Arabism and explain problems
24. Refugee
25. Mandate
26. Arab Dominance in the 600-700s
27. Ottoman dominance 1300-1900’s
28. Sphere’s of influence
29. Betrayal after World War One
a. Balfour Declaration
b. McMahon-Hussein Agreement
c. Sykes-Picot Agreement
30. Impact of World War One on Ottoman Empire
31. Suez Canal and importance of various waterways
32. Goal of OPEC during 1973 oil crises
33. Improvements in United Arab Emirates and Qatar and why
34. Effects of imperialism in the Middle East after independence
35. Countries that contains Kurdish minority and treatment
36. Origins of Iran –Iraqi War of 1980 and reason involved other nations
37. US stance to the Iran – Iraqi War of 1980
38. Reason of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
39. Goals of Desert Storm
40.Operation Iraqi Freedom
41. Difficulty creating a new democracy in Iraq
42. Social and economic reforms made by the shah
43. Iranian support for the reforms and reasons why
44. Leader of the Islamic Revolution and government that was established
45. Iran Hostage Crisis
46. Reason Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and US response
47. Current US operation in Afghanistan- 3 goals
48. What is the Arab Spring
a. What has been the role of technology been in the movement
49. Why is does the US continue to care about the developments in the Middle East
50. Two groups which claim Israel and result
51. Reason Jews leaving Europe and settling in Palestine
52. Feelings of Palestinian Arabs towards Jewish settlers
53. Reaction of both groups to the 1947 UN Partition of Palestine
54. Arab view of Israel
55. Occupied Territories
56. Major problems between Israel and it’s neighbors
MAP: (You do NOT have to write anything for these, but you should be able to locate them on a map
or your test)
o All countries
 Turkey
 Syria
 Lebanon
 Israel
 Jordan
 Egypt
 Libya
 Tunisia
 Algeria
 Morocco
 Saudi Arabia
 Yemen
 Oman
 Qatar
 Bahrain
 Kuwait
 Iraq
 Iran
 (Afghanistan)
 (Pakistan)
o Tigris and Euphrates River
o Dead Sea
o Persian Gulf
o Red Sea
o Mediterranean Sea
o Dardanelles / Bosphorus
o Strait of Hormuz
o Arabian Desert
o Rub-al Kahli
o Iranian Plateau
o Hindu-Kush Mountains
o Nile River
o Sahara Desert