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Shiva Balaghi: Modern and Contemporary Iranian Art
Day 1:
Modernity and Islam in Iranian Visual Arts
Culture and Revolution in 20th century Iran
Day 2:
Exile Artists and the Islamic Republic of Iran
Gender and Art in Iran
Exhibiting Western Art in the Islamic Republic of Iran
- From Picturing Iran: Art, Society and Revolution edited by Shiva Balaghi and
Lynn Gumpert:
- p. 21-38: Iranian Visual Arts in “The Century of Machinery, Speed, and the
Atom”: Rethinking Modernity.
- P. 103-126: Writing with Light: Abbas’s Photographs of the Iranian
Revolution of 1979
- Online information on Between Word and Image, the exhibition
related to the book, Picturing Iran. This exhibit was nominated as
one of 4 top exhibits in NY in 2002 and was the most attended non-Western
art exhibit in the Grey's history. The website includes some art and
short essays (on photograph, posters, painting & sculpture, and historical
- Grey Collection of Contemporary Iranian Art (the largest such
collection held outside of Iran, features art from the 60s-70s).
This website includes links to the art and some essays by myself
and Lynn Gumpert, the Director of NYU's Grey Gallery:
- Essay about Moussavi as an artist/presidential candidate: