Review Sheet - University of San Diego

ENVI 300 – Fall 2012
Review Sheet - Exam #2
I. Water Pollution
- Sources: Where does water pollution come from, including point and non-point sources
- Factors other than pollutants that affect water quality
- Natural pollutants
- Components: For each component:
What is it and how is it produced?
What effects does it have on the environment?
A. Oxygen-Depleting Substances
B. Infectious Agents
C. Toxic Organic Chemicals
D. Other Chemicals and Minerals
1. Acids and Acidifying Compounds
2. Nutrients
3. Metals
E. Sediments (Turbidity)
F. Heat (Thermal Pollution)
II. Debate Material
- For each topic:
What are the central issues?
What major positions exist and what group(s) support(s) those positions?
What evidence or set of arguments supports the major viewpoints?
How do you personally feel about the viewpoints and their validity? Why?
A. Electric Cars
B. Overfishing
C. Vegetarianism
III. Biodiversity
- Definitions:
- What is a species?
- What is biodiversity?
- How is biodiversity measured?
- Problems in estimating biodiversity
- Current estimates of biodiversity
- Extinction rates
- How are they estimated?
- Problems with estimates
- What are current estimates and what might this mean?
- Factors affecting biodiversity
- Nutrient availability
- Selective colonization/mortality
- Habitat disturbance
- Habitat fragmentation/destruction
- Exotic species
- Benefits of biodiversity
- Human benefits
- Ecosystem benefits
- Management of biodiversity
ENVI 300 – Fall 2012
Review Sheet - Exam #2
IV. Genetic Engineering
A. Background - Basis for genetic engineering: what is it?
B. Purposes - Why is it done?
C. Advantages
D. Drawbacks
E. Trends in use of GM crops
F. Examples of genetically-engineered crops
G. Benefits and risks
Review Session – Tuesday, Nov 13th, 7:00-9:00 pm, ST232