I recommend that you pack a bag for labor and birth and leave a

I recommend that you pack a bag for labour/birth and leave a separate packed bag for
your stay in the maternity unit in the car or with someone else. This prevents you from
dragging all of your stuff around the labour/birth wing!
If you take something out stick a note to the top of your bag
 Mobile phone (with music playlist uploaded on it)
 Sudoku book/Magazines (Hubby to buy from shop so current)
 Eye shades & Ear plugs in case labour ward is busy
 Birth plan (flexible)
 Food: Muesli bars, milk biscuits, nuts, dark chocolate, lollipops, juice boxes,
water, powerade
 Hair tie
 Lip balm
 Massage oil or lotion for massage
 Singlet - balconette to wear – shorts?
 Nursing bras -- two or three
 Make-up and hair brush for immediately after the birth if you would like to touch
up for the initial photos
 Mirror
 Shirt – button up one for skin to skin
 Small toiletries for shower after birth
 Water spray to keep you cool
 1x Big Undies (in case of C-Section)
 Bra
 Sox
 Fleece or something cuddly
 Bucket x 2 for hot and cold water – with nappies and rubber gloves.
 Dressing gown -- useful if you end up pacing hospital corridors in early labour
Daddy/Support Person
 Change of clothes
 Deo
 Watch with a second hand, to time contractions
 Mobile phone
 Address book: Call in this order....
 Camera & Vid Cam
 Camera charger
 Magazine/Book
 Ipod
 Drink - Water or juice
 Car seat
 Vaseline (for putting on when first nappy goes on – easy for wiping off
 Body suit (shortie onsie)
 Babygrow with feet
 Booties/Sox
 Cardy
 Hat
 Blanket/Knitted Shawl (handy tip: you sleep with this for a while to get your smell
your baby might just sleep better with it – rather than a ‘new’ smell on it)
 Small scissors for nails (as they come out long/sharp)
 Nappies x 5 (the hospital and units will provide these also)
 Wipes for milkie spills
 Baby Names list and book
 Bluetooth and charger
 Dvd player and plug adaptor
 Breast pads (as you’ll need after the first day)
 Feeding/Tri-pillow
 Magazine or Book inc. crossword book
 Paper & Pen
 Phone charger
 Squirty water bottle (like Pump – for weeing )
 Coffee sachets (so you can enjoy a lovely coffee)
 Dark chocolate
 Bras x 3
 Shirts
 Jumper/Cardigan (for when it’s cold an easy access)
 Big undies (in case of C-Section) (dark colour are good)
 Trousers – Trackies or Yoga type pants
 Sox
 Shoes
 Dressing gown
 PJs
 Slippers
 Front pack/sling (for walking around the grounds)
 Presents for sibling
 Car seat
 Blanket
 All in one (short sleeve) x4
 All in one (with legs and arms) x3
 Hat
 Booties/Sox
 Mittens
 Pills you normally take (if necessary)
 Arnica tablets (for after birth only, to help with bruising after the birth)
 Panadol (because maternity unit will only give you 2 every 6 hours – you’ll need
 Dove soap
 Toothbrush and toothpaste
 Shampoo/Conditioner
 Moisturiser
 Makeup
 Eye Shades & Ear plugs
 Hairbrush
 2x Hair ties
 Straighteners
 Eye drops
 Nice Toilet paper (as maternity unit is not too nice on your bits)
 Sanitary pads -- a couple of packs (use the nice ones first as they’ll be more comfy
– if you need more take some of the maternity unit ones home)
 Breast Pads – disposable are good
 Lanisoh/Purelan/Pawpaw ointment or some kind of nipple cream