13.11.15 - Edinburgh Leisure Corporate

FOISA / EIRS Information Request
ELIR 00039
Occupational Maternity Pay
What percentage of occupational maternity pay (OMP) is currently paid by
Edinburgh Leisure (EL) and what percentage is paid out by the government to EL
employees when they take maternity leave. I understand that the percentage of
OMP paid by EL and the percentage paid by the government varies during
maternity leave. I should like to know the percentages are paid by EL at each
stage of maternity leave.
Entitlement to Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP) is defined in our Parental Leave
Policy and is subject to qualifying conditions over and above those for Statutory
Maternity Pay (SMP). Our policy is currently under review as we need to change
it to accommodate recent changes in legislation such as Shared Paternity Leave.
Statutory Maternity Pay is subject to qualifying conditions and the rate is set by
the government – the information is published on the following website
Edinburgh Leisure assesses each application for Maternity Leave in line with our
policy and the legislation at the time of pregnancy and shares the details of pay
entitlement directly with each individual. If an employee qualifies for OMP, then
EL will make all payments and can then reclaim the SMP part at a later date.
At this point in time (bearing in mind that the legislation is subject to change),
assuming an employee has full entitlement to OMP, the answer to the question
Weeks 1 to 6: Employee receives full pay – EL can reclaim 90% for SMP
Weeks 7 to 13: If the employee returns to work for at least three months after
their maternity leave, then they can apply to receive full pay – EL can reclaim
£139.58 (or 90% if lower) per week.
Weeks 14 to 33: Employee receives pay equivalent to SMP which EL can reclaim
(this is assuming that they continue to be eligible for SMP)
Parental Leave Policy sent to requester.