Trash and Furniture Tag - William Woods University

Trash/Furniture/Personal Property
Removal Notice
Trash, Furniture, and Personal Property does not belong in
the hallway.
Furniture assigned to your room must remain in your room.
Please remove the following immediately:
______ Trash:
______ Furniture: ________________________________________
______ Personal Property:__________________________________
This must be completed by: ______________ at _______________.
Failure to meet with the following will result
in (check all that apply):
_____ $25 fine per violation being applied to one or
both occupants of room(s) _____________.
_____ Personal property will be removed &
appropriately discarded by university staff.
Continued failure to rectify these listed issues will result in
continued fines and/or disciplinary action.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Residential Life Staff
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