TK_12_ASSGNMENT_business_english Sales letters

Sales letters
1. Select a product (such as kitchen gadgets, magazines, or cosmetics) that you have
considered purchasing (or have actually purchased) by mail. Write a letter that
could be used to stimulate direct sales for the product.
2. you work for ABD Corporation, Ford Madison, Iowa 52622, producer of
educational software. Write a letter to be sent to the heads of all business school
in the area, inviting them to inquire about your latest software packages. Describe
some of the programs’ special applications and tell the reader how to receive
additional information.
3. Imagine that you work in the customer relations department of a large furniture
store. Write a letter that could be sent to customers who have bought furniture for
one room of their home, encouraging them to buy furniture for another room.
Remind them of the quality and service they received when they did business with
you in the past. Urge them to shop with you again.