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Topic: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Week: 01
At the end of this module the 90% of the students should be able to:
1. Recognize the effectiveness of the law in the disaster risk reduction and management;
2. Describe the measures that had been undertaken as imposed in the law regarding the disaster risk
reduction and management in case of any recurring disasters;
3. Criticize the extent of implementation of the law.
The high susceptibility of the Philippines in the recurring disaster due to climate change, the Republic
Act 10121 had been created to mainstream the framework for disaster risk reduction and management
into a national policy. Every local government unit in the country had been directed to create a
management committee that is coherent to the national policy to enable the sustainable development
in their respective community despite the effects of climate change.
Look for an article in the internet that is related to disaster risk reduction and management. Discuss
how their measures or actions relate to Republic Act 10121. Discuss how this law had been
implemented in their community. Copy the link of the article that you used in your answer. Discuss your
answers briefly in 400-500 worlds only.
As the local government units implements the law in their community, their vulnerability to
recurring disasters had been reduced in various ways. Their adaptation to the effects of the climate
change through years enables them to mitigate the possible loss of lives and products, thus reducing the
effects on community’s GDP. Each local government have their own manual of implementation based
on the national policy but not limited to Housing and Basic Infrastructure, Livelihood, Environmental
Management, and Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction.