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Long Stay: Visitor
(Ugandan Nationals and nationalities not submitted to consultation)
The French Embassy informs applicants that they have to come personally to explain the
purpose of their application with the following compulsory documents:
2 application forms completely and correctly filled, dated and signed by the
2 recent passport size photographs
a passport or a recognised travel document valid at least one year from the date of
arrival in France
A personal introduction letter from the applicant (current occupation, marital
status, salary if applicable, purpose of visit, relationship with the host…)
An invitation letter from the host in France, as much detailed as possible, in French
(current occupation, purpose of stay…)
“Prise en charge”: certificate that the host will cater for your living expenses,
declaration of responsibility…
Bank statements from the host for the last 3 months (personal financial means), if
sponsorship applicable or your own statements if no sponsor applicable
Proof of accommodation : “attestation d’accueil” for the period of stay in France
Declaration from the applicant stating that he/she will not have any salaried
professional activity while in France (detailing address, dated and signed)
Health Insurance for the first 3 months in France, if the visa is granted
Flight booking
Applicants are informed that:
the presentation of the requested documents does not necessarily mean that a visa will be issued
the application fee must be paid in Uganda Shillings only and is not refundable
they can collect their passport within 48 hours if the file is complete
copies of documents shall be provided with the application form the day of the interview.