Assistive Technologist Position Description

Position Description
ALC Peer Support Team- Student Assistive Technologist
 To provide support for students with disabilities in the Assistive Technology lab in the areas of training,
technology support, and adaptive equipment maintenance.
Time Commitment
 Minimum two semesters at four hours/week plus bi-weekly one hour team meeting
Qualifications Required
 Caring, empathic, sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities
 Dependable, punctual, dedicated, motivated and patient
 Strong computer skills/technical abilities (e.g. knowledge of various hardware and software and
peripherals such as scanners)
 Self-starter, creative and able to work independently with great attention to detail
 Strong customer service, listening and interpersonal skills
 Interest in teaching technical skills and/or providing technical support
 Provide one-on-one technical support to students with disabilities
 Research emerging assistive technology information
 Assist with administration of the lab
 Initiate projects related to Assistive Technology and student support
 Maintain confidentiality and respect boundaries as described in the Peer Helper Handbook
Training and Supervision
 Successfully complete a one-day volunteer orientation and training session during O-Week 2012
 Acquire working knowledge of the technology support training modules developed by the Assistive
 Regular on-going supervision provided by Assistive Technologist. Concerns will be brought to attention
of Educational Planner, and the ALC Manager, if required.
 Develop knowledge regarding disability, assistive technology, problem solving and helping skills
 Gain leadership experience for inclusion on resumes and Laurier’s Co-Curricular Record
Erin Riggin
Educational Planner
1C9, Arts Building
(519) 884-0710 x 2715
[email protected]
Last revised: Feb 2015