Assignment #7 - Distance and Online Education

The University of Iowa
College of Education
Graduate Programs in Rehabilitation
Iowa Center for Assistive Technology, Education, and Research
Introduction to Assistive Technology – Online Course
Assignment #7 (20 points)
Use the SETT Model to determine assistive technology options for the student in the
following case study. Discuss who should be involved in the process of determining
proper assistive technology options and how the selected assistive technology will be
included in the student’s IEP.
Case Study
John is a student in your high school English class. He has low vision (not legally blind),
dyslexia, and dysgraphia. John’s learning disabilities and visual impairment make him
primarily an auditory learner and cause difficulties writing papers. Think of the tasks he
is going to have to complete to be successful in your class. What strategies, technologies,
and software would you use to help John succeed in school? Explain each of your choices
Page Limit: 2-4 pages