Annotated Bib April 26th

It is very imperative that students who need assistive technology be able to
access those services. Now under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (2004)
students can now receive the materials they need to better their learning. The act
states that supplemental services and assistive technology be provided when
necessary to students who receive special education services. This means that
special educational students will be given the support that they need through
assistive technology in order to enhance their education to the best of their ability.
Teachers believe that not only having assistive technology will help a child with
special needs but also involving them in extracurricular activities could be socially
beneficial for students by having them interact with peers and non-disabled peers.
The numbers of students with special needs participating in extracurricular
activities have risen greatly. Also they have begun taking on leadership
responsibilities and revealing talents that would not have been noticed inside of the
classroom. The students involved are happier to be involved and overall doing an
activity that they enjoy and can participate in while having a disability means the
world to them. This shows that it is very important for students with disabilities to
stay involved with activities that they have an interest in. These resources can help
the students become more independent and successful in their future lives.
"Boosting Inclusion in After School Activities with AT and
Supplemental Services." LD OnLine: The World's Leading Website
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