Historical Fiction Narrative

English 9 Honors Historical Fiction Research Paper
Instead of a traditional research paper, we will be using our newly acquired research skills/knowledge to
create historical narratives. This will require that you choose a historical event and research that event
thoroughly. You will then have to either create a fictional person or select an actual person from that time
period to create a first hand representation of that historical event.
This work of historical fiction must include at least 20-25 researched facts, with in-text citation for
each. These facts need to be appropriately incorporated into the story and be beneficial to the development of
the story. They should not simply be listed facts.
This paper needs to be 4-6 pages in length and follow MLA standards for a paper: double spaced, 12pt
font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, last name & page number in the upper right hand corner of
each page, a correct header including your name, course, teacher’s name, and date, and a works cited
page with correct citation for each source used in the paper.
Other parameters for the paper:
 Must include dialogue (dialect must reflect time period/setting)
 Must use at least 5 different sources (no .coms, wikis, blogs)
 Must have at least 1 citation from: 1) a book. 2) a website. 3) a periodical. 4) an article from
EBSCO, Infohio database, or Google Scholar PDF
 Must incorporate an example of each Brush Stroke from Image Grammar (total of 5, Appositive,
Absolute, Participle, Action Verbs, Adjectives Out of Order) each underlined and correctly labeled
within the story.
1st person narrative 4-6 pgs in length
Quality of story & use of facts
At least 20 historical facts correctly cited
MLA format of paper
Use of appropriate dialogue/dialect
Use of at least 5 different sources (required sources)
Correct use of Brush Strokes