Module 6 Project

Module 6 Project
Put your name here.
Change the name of the project to your
environmental issue!!!
Change the design to something more
• This information will come from 6.01
• State your environmental issue
• Explain the circular flow diagram and how
your business or industry impacts each sector
of the economy.
• Change the title of this slide to something that
has to do with your project.
The Connections
• Add a representation of the circular flow
diagram here.
The Criteria
• Use the information from 6.02 to discuss the
necessary criteria for your issue
The Solutions
• You should have 2 or 3 slides of solutions.
• This should come from the information you
found in 6.03.
• Each possible solution should have it’s own
slide and should discuss the externalities.
The Criteria with the Solutions
• Each solution needs to be graded against the
criteria that you came up with.
• Create one slide for each of your solutions
• Show the best solution and why.
• Be sure that you include pictures throughout
the presentation.
• Always include citations.