MFL department description updated 2015

Modern Languages Department
The Modern Foreign Language Department consists of a committed, enthusiastic and
energetic team of language teachers. We teach French, German, Spanish, Japanese and
Arabic during curriculum time, with additional twilight sessions in Panjabi.
The department is extremely well-resourced, including hundreds of electronic resources.
We have our own ICT suite as well as 2 classrooms equipped with computers and a laptop
trolley. We encourage a creative variety of lesson types and resources and embrace ICT
and its potential fully. We are consistently evaluating what we do and why and are willing
to experiment to raise achievement and motivation. All classrooms have an Interactive
Whiteboard, teacher’s computer and audio equipment. In the most recent Ofsted
inspection, lessons in the department were all judged to be ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding.’
Year 7 pupils study Spanish, French or German, with students who demonstrate a flair for
languages having the option to take on a second language for GCSE in Year 9. In Years 9
and 10 pupils work towards GCSE qualifications in one or two languages and high ability
pupils can take a bridging pre-AS course in Year 11 to prepare them for A level study.
As a MFL department within a school with Specialist Language College status since
September 2001, members of the MFL are often required to work harder than within schools
without the Specialist status; a responsibility the MFL team understands and rises to. We
provide regular support to local feeder primary schools and welcome many visitors to the
We currently have links with schools in France, Spain, Germany and Japan and the
department organises visits abroad each year. We employ Foreign Language Assistants for
French, German and Spanish who play an important role in developing pupils’ spoken
competence and raising students’ awareness of the culture of countries where the target
language in spoken.