Boy Scout Troop 168

Boy Scout Troop 168
Southlake, Texas
David Lackey, Scoutmaster
519 N. Kimball Avenue
Southlake, TX 76902
Summer, 2009
Dear Community Member,
Troop 168 Needs You! Boy Scout Troop 168 was formed seven years ago,
and it is positively affecting the lives of over 60 young men in our area.
This year, on Sunday, August 9, 2009, we will showcase our troop at the
annual St. Laurence Day Picnic. Over 400 church and Scout family members are
expected at the event. Troop 168 will host a silent auction to raise funds for troop
equipment. Proceeds from the auction will be used to purchase camp gear
such as Dutch ovens, camp stoves, tents, campouts and activities.
Would you please consider making a donation to Scout Troop 168? All
donations will be recognized as donated from your establishment. This letter,
along with a future letter of appreciation from the Troop, indicating your exact
donation, will serve as documentation of your gracious donation. We are a
volunteer organization and would appreciate any item, service or money that
will assist with our operating expenses.
We are also establishing a scholarship fund for summer caps. If interested
please let our Scout know, and an officer of the Troop will contact you as soon
as possible.
Please call one of our leaders below, and we will come by to pick up your
donation. We would like to receive items by Aug. 1, 2008. In return, we invite you
to enjoy lunch with us on Sunday, August 9.
Thank you for your support,
(scout name)___________________________________
David Lackey
(patrol sponsor name and phone)
Frank M. Wagnon
Troop Committee Chairman
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