Troop Leadership Training

2012 University of Scouting – MGT111
Troop Level
Youth Leadership Training
Course Content
Couple of Approaches…
• Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops
• Develop your own Library and add to it over
Introduction to Leadership Skills
for Troops (ILST)
• Replaces the “Troop Leadership Training”
program. Note you can still purchase this
material at the Scout Shop and on-line.
• Complete program guide, course content,
and training guide available on-line
• Leadership cards available for purchase. Role
specific cards that highlight roles and
ILST - Modules
• Module 1 – Unit Organization
– Youth Leader Roles and Responsibilities & Troop
– Teamwork dynamics reinforced by some games and
• Module 2 – Tools of the Trade
– Communications, Planning and Teaching EDGE
– More games and scenarios to reinforce key points
ILST - Modules
• Module 3 – Leadership and Teamwork
Team Characteristics and dynamics
Stages of Team Development – Leading EDGE
Leadership Ethics & Integrity
Your Own Library
• Module 1 – Setting Goals
– SMART Goals
– Journey to Excellence and other Troop Goals
– Workshop time to review how we’re doing
• Module 2 – Youth Leadership Positions
– Common duties and expectations of all leaders
– Position specific roles and responsibilities
– Workshop time to set personal goals and to allow youth to
reflect on what they think is important
Course Content
• Module 3 – Leadership 101
– Good general practices
– The EDGE Method & the stages of team development
– Tie this into a team building game or watch a movie like
“Remember the Titans” and discuss
• Module 4 – Running Effective Meetings
– Meeting plans for structure – Troop, PLC and Patrol
– Generates a good discussion of what works well
– Consider using this module to develop a Troop meeting
calendar for the coming term
Course Content
• Module 5 – Requirement Changes
– Youth need to know what is changing and what’s new!
– Incorporate Troop specific requirements
– Optional based on how much has changed
• Module 6 – Inclusion
– How to create a more inclusive environment
– Listen, Observe, Think, Absorb, Share… Treat Others the
way they want to be treated
– Use scenarios to discuss the issues and impact of being
more inclusive
Course Content
• Module 7 – Bullying
– Recognize the signs and impacts
– Clearly understand zero tolerance policies
– Enforce Troop “Code of Conduct” guidelines
• Other Topics Possible…
– Hazardous Weather Training
– Liquid Fuel Training
– Others?
The Training/Planning Event
• Logistics
Chose a site that is conducive to learning
Meals prepared for the participants
Invitations that highlight importance and the priviledge
Notebooks with key hand outs to serve as future
– Determine Youth Presenters and help them prepare
The Event - continued
• Friday Evening
– Team building activity
– Cracker Barrel
– Inspirational Movie
• Saturday – get an early start
Meals provided – youth can focus on learning & planning
Training Modules and Team Building activities
Calendar/Activity Planning
Evening fun activity
The Event - continued
• Sunday
Wrap up training as necessary
Roses & Thorns + Event Survey
Scouts Own Service
SM Minute to recognize and reflect on the event
Spring Event
• One Day Event
– How are we doing – program and goals? Any
adjustments needed?
– Review Roles and Responsibilities and reset
personal goals
– Leadership training modules – selected
– Team building games
Other Resources
• Role Specific Training
– Den Chief
– Chaplains Aid
• BSA Publications
– OLD - Boy Scout Troop Leadership
Training Book (item 34306)
– Introduction to Leadership Skills for
Troops – visit Scouting.Org
– SPL Handbook (item 32501)
– PL Handbook (item 32502)
Other Resources
– Send someone every year!
– Participant tasked to bring something
back to the Troop training program
– Philmont or Regional program