Saint Anselm All Star

Saint Anselm All Star
Gerry Granroth
Many of you might not know Gerry by name but you have seen her handiwork. She
is responsible for those beautiful crafted banners that adorn our church when the children
receive their first Penance. Whether the theme is candles, butterflies, or lambs, Gerry is the
creative genius behind it. She has made vestments for Father Okonski and the cape which
is used for benediction.
Her hobbies include crocheting, sewing, and ceramics. Some of her creations might
even embellish your homes since they are sold at the Christmas Bazaar at the homemade
She is the woman with the straw hat on at the carnival where she keeps an eye on
the various booths in the midway to ensure that they are stocked. Behind the scenes, she
spends months in preparation by purchasing the goods, sorting them and setting up the
various booths. What would we do without her expertise!
Since 1995, Gerry has been involved with our CCD Program where her exceptional
organizational skills are apparent. She is the glue that keeps everything together.
Gerry and her family moved into Saint Anselm Parish in 1965 and she has been
residing here ever since. She married her husband Art in 1976 and they raised their family
here. They are the proud parents of Cindy, Vicki, Danny, Kathy, and Eric. Gerry and Art
have 13 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.
Fun-loving Gerry enjoys entertaining and traveling, and looks forward to her
monthly outings with the Red Hat Ladies.
Her fond memories include the live Nativities where the CCD children were exposed
to the Christmas story first-hand, Monsignor Doolin’s walking the halls during CCD,
Monsignor Shields’ compassion when her son Eric was seriously hurt, and Father
Dunleavy’s inspirational sermons.
To Gerry, St. Anselm is a community that offers her emotional and moral support.
There is always someone to lend a helping hand. She appreciates the décor especially
during the holidays.
Gerry has applied the many talents bestowed on her by God to do His work here on
earth and St. Anselm is fortunate to be the recipient of those talents. She is truly an
illuminating light!