Job Description and Person Specification

Job Description
Job Title:
Project Manager
37 hours per week.
Flexibility with working hours will be required
The post is mainly based at Bolton House, Northampton but flexibility
with regard to location and some travel will be necessary.
Responsible to:
Senior Project Managers
Responsible for: Project Officers, Supervisors and Site Assistants
Overall Job
This role is based within the MOLA Northampton Team.
To tender for, manage and complete archaeological contracts in
accordance with agreed business development targets.
Main Job
1 Tender for commercial archaeological contracts, ensuring a
competitive and realistic programme of work
2 Ensure MOLA Northampton projects comply with all local, regional,
national and professional standards
3 Manage and coordinate concurrent fieldwork and post excavation
programmes, ensuring timely completion, standards compliance and
client satisfaction
4 Manage project budgets and ensure adequate planning, preparation
and execution throughout all phases
5 Provide subject matter expertise in excavation and recording
strategies for all team leaders
6 Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with clients,
consultants and curatorial archaeologists
7 Ensure quality control of projects through to completion
8 Provide high quality training and advice to staff at all levels in both
fieldwork practice and post excavation analysis
9 Ensure projects are adequately resourced and scheduled
10 Maintain project financial accountability records
11 Undertake other tasking suitable to the role as and when necessary
Key Result
Leadership & People Management
1 To line manage a team for non-site specific issues such as welfare,
career development, training and appraisals.
2 To motivate, inspire and manage multi-disciplinary project teams to
carry out thoughtful, focused work, procuring services within MOLA and
externally as required.
Financial Results
3 To ensure that all assigned contracts meet target margins.
4 To take action to ensure that tenders and project proposals are
costed, priced and planned such that they meet defined profit margin,
academic, technical and quality standards and take account of the
competitive nature of our work.
5 To invoice projects regularly and to complete all invoicing to MOLA’s
Finance schedule.
New Business
6 To work with the Senior Management Team to grow the business
through the development of new clients and to win profitable contracts.
7 To strengthen relationships with clients and pursue revenue targets
in fulfilment of the business plan.
8 To support innovation, new ideas and opportunities.
10 To assist in the further development and improving safe systems of
11 To work in accordance with the requirements of the MOLA Health &
Safety Policy
NB This job description should not be taken as an exhaustive description of the role and
is, rather, indicative of the types of responsibility covered by this job. Post holders will be
required to carry out such other work as is required by MOLA as long as this is
reasonable and commensurate with the nature of the post held.
Person Specification
Relevant degree
Postgraduate qualification in relevant discipline.
Full Driving Licence
Qualification in the management of health and safety
Experience &
A minimum of three years’ experience as an archaeological
project officer or equivalent
Experience of costing and bidding for archaeological or
similar project work.
Clear track record in the day to day management of
archaeological projects
Extensive experience in a management or supervisory
Ability to prioritise effectively
Detailed knowledge of archaeological survey methods.
Knowledge of the commercial archaeology market
Detailed knowledge of a period, artefact or other
archaeological specialism
Demonstrable skills in report writing and publication
Sound knowledge of current professional guidance and
specialist literature relating to all elements of archaeological
Good understanding of health and safety law and its
application to commercial archaeology.
Excellent planning and organising skills
Detailed knowledge of an archaeological specialism
such as a specific period or site type; or
artefact/ecofact; or use of new technology.
An effective, concise, and confident written and verbal
Familiarity and competence in all MSOffice suite
Excellent people skills and an ability to motivate staff
Excellent numerical ability
Positive attitude, flexible in approach and change oriented
An understanding of the principles of diversity and how they
relate to a role such as this. An active commitment to the
principles of workforce diversification.
Knowledge of common software packages used in the
analysis of archaeological data.
An ability to bring out the best in all team members
Forward looking approach to data capture and
Able to communicate concepts effectively and inspire
confidence in leadership
Demonstrable experience in delivering effective
training in both fieldwork and post excavation strategy