Actual Spill Site Clean Up

Proudly Presents Enviroglobal (EGS) Products
Serious Oil Spill
EGS’S absorbent to the RESCUE
Above EGS being deployed on oil spill on top of small slow moving
EGS’ absorbent deployed on oil on top of water, slow moving water is
barricaded our product “quickly” absorbs all oil spilled.
EGS’ absorbent has entirely cleaned up the spill for the water all within
a very short period of time. The only complicated aspect of the
absorbent is how simply it works.
Notice the oil on the waters surface on the right, EGS’ absorbent has
totally cleaned the oil from the water on the left.
EGS absorbent is still cleaning the oil spill. Notice how easily labor is
spreading the absorbent with a stick. This photo clearly shows how
easy deploying absorbent is in the field on an actual oil spill. Notice the
awe and satisfied expression on the workers face as he admires how
quickly and efficiently EGS’ absorbent works!
Recovered Oil absorbed EGS ready for bio-remediation or disposal in a non
liquid hydrocarbon land fill of for incineration.
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