18th /19th Century Inventions Internet-Based Research

American Growth
U.S. History 1
Coach Pritch
Rise of Industrial America: Inventors, Inventions, and the Market Revolution
Internet-Based Research Project
You will be researching an 18th or 19th century (1700s-1800s) inventor,
invention, or part of the Market Revolution on the internet. The internet can
be an invaluable tool for research if used properly and effectively. This
project will be done solely using the internet for your research, information,
and images.
There are a few components to your project.
 With the information that your research uncovers, you create a
PowerPoint presentation. The point of the presentation is to describe
your topic’s impact on America and the world at large. What effect
has the topic had on life, society, culture, the world? Is there lasting
impact to today, or was it something that changed the way life or
business was handled in the 1700s/1800s?
o This paper is not a biography of the inventor of the invention
you’ve chosen. You may have one slide at the most on the
inventor, but the assignment is not a bio of the inventor.
o The presentation slides should be graphically pleasing, but
don’t go overboard with the sounds and special effects. On the
other hand, you don’t want boring white slides. The point is to
demonstrate the impact of you topic in the most visually
pleasing way.
o You need a title slide and a “Works Cited” slide
o You must have three different sources of information. If you
use Wikipedia, that does NOT count as one of the 3 sources.
Wikipedia is a decent place to start and may lead you to other
sources. If you cite it as a source, you will then have to cite 3
other sources.
 You will present your project to the class. I don’t want you to simply
stand in front of the class and read your slides. It will only last 4-5
minutes. You’re basically giving a speech about your invention. You
may have notes or index cards with you.
 You must tell me your topic before you begin!
 The project is due Friday, March 18, 2011.
o Every day late is a letter grade off.
 If you have any questions, please see me or email me
[email protected] during the week. Good luck!! Have fun!
American Growth
U.S. History 1
Coach Pritch
Samuel Slater
Colt firearms
Erie Canal
Wall Street
James Lowell
Eli Whiney
The Fulton
The McCormick
The thermometer
The Smith Revolver
The Oil Well
The Steam Train
Ben Franklin
Water frame
James Watt (steam
Alexander Hamilton
Report on
Stephen Girard
Textile mills
Robert Fulton
The Spinning Jenny
Flush toilet
New York Stock and
Exchange Board
The Singer Sewing
The battery
The Microphone
The Passenger
The Typewriter
The Deere Plow
Gibbons v. Ogden
Power loom
Eli Whitney (cotton
The Whitney Musket
Carbonated water
The submarine
The Burglar Alarm
Light bulb