Gait Training Checklist

Gait Training Checklist
____ Check to make sure the assistive device is in proper working order
____ Clear the walking area of obstacles/hazards (unless the goal is to negotiate those)
____ Explain and demonstrate the proper gait pattern and use of the assistive device
____ Be clear about which leg is the involved leg and which is the uninvolved
_____Explain and demonstrate the proper weight bearing status
_____Include instruction about how to turn around with the device
____ Apply a guarding belt around the client’s waist
____ Make sure the client’s feet and hands are positioned properly and that the client is
scooted forward in preparation for standing
____ Explain and demonstrate proper sit-to-stand technique (specific to the assistive
device being used) from the seating surface
____ Adjust the assistive device to the correct height for the client
If needed, have the client sit back down so you can re-adjust the height
____ Once the client is standing, position yourself in the most appropriate guarding
position (in relation to the gait pattern and the assistive device being used)
____ As the client ambulates, provide step-by-step, clear instructions for movement of
the legs and the assistive device (for both straight path ambulation and turning)
____ Monitor the client’s response
Pain, dizziness, fatigue, etc.
____ Provide the client with feedback about the movement
Sequence, posture, limb placement, speed, assistive device placement
____ When returning to the seating surface, provide step-by-step instruction in walk-tosit/stand-to-sit technique
____ Make sure the client is seated safely and securely before stepping away
____ Assess the client’s response and performance