Census at School Activity

Census at School Activity
1. Google “Census at School” or go to the website:
2. Click on “Students” located in the table on the left of the
3. Click on ”Fill in the on-line survey now!”
4. Enter information
Class ID: 85
Password: 1
5. Complete the survey
6. Now go back to the main page and click on “Data and
7. Under “Canadian Summary Results”, you can access data
collected over the past several years. Select the latest
summary results (2007-08).
Answer the following questions:
How many students completed the survey in 2007-2008?
How do the majority of secondary students travel to school?
What is the most popular way that secondary students
communicate with friends?
What percentage of secondary students picked math as their
favorite subject?
What percentage of secondary students can speak three
What type of charity would most students support if they had
What percent of secondary students have been bullied 10
times or more in the last month?
Select a topic from the above questions that interests you
and submit a 1/2 page (typed, single spaced) report on your
findings about that topic.