A Prayer for Owen Meany Essay Revisions

A Prayer for Owen Meany Essay Revisions
1. Due Monday, Oct. 26 NO MATTER WHAT. Include your original with the final draft.
If you are not here, have some one DELIVER it to me personally. NO leaving it in the
office! Late papers will have a .5 deduction from your final grade. Anticipate
printer and computer problems. DO NOT EMAIL FINAL DRAFTS TO ME!
2. Final must be typed and double spaced. Use your MLA heading (double spaced too)
for your paper. Left side of paper, include the following:
Your Name
Instructor’s Name
Sean Student
Ms. Benton or Mr. Rösch
AP English 12
8 September 2009
3. Staple the original to the back of the typed final. I will not accept finals without the
4. You must revise the prompt that you originally wrote about. Make sure to have a
clear beginning with thesis, middle with textual support and conclusion.
5. Books will not be available for use; however, you should consult your notes and
Major Works Data Sheet. DO NOT MAKE USE OF SPARKNOTES! That would be
6. Final papers will be read and scored only. No written feedback will be given.
7. Please feel free to ARRANGE a time to chat about your paper. It might make revising