Name Objectives for Population and Intro Ecology Exam handout


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Objectives for Population and Intro Ecology Exam

List biotic & abiotic/ organic & inorganic examples of natural environments. ( handout ).

Know ALL vocabulary related to populations from the Population Studies Packet.

Define the following: ( population lab handout pgs. 1 - 4.

) plot sample census- mark-return-recapture census- true census-

Give the characteristics of the animals that are ideal for each of the following census methods o True- o MRR- o Plot-

For the following population choose the most appropriate method to determine the population. Choices: true census, plot sample census, mark-return-recapture method. o Dandelions at Penncrest.. o Bears in Rocky National Park o White oak trees in a half of a square mile area o Squirrels in Ridley Creed State Park.

List and describe all the limiting factors using examples, and how they could affect an organism’s population ( notes and text 1.1


 Give examples of how and why an organism’s population has changed. Understand the concept of carrying capacity and population graphs. Know examples from the notes. ( notes, and text 1.1


Define and provide an example of a habitat.

Be able to describe how populations of certain species have changed due to human influence

Grouse :

Bluebirds :