CamContain Replacement Bag Specification

Replacement Bags
Replacement bags shall be non-sticking and constructed of 8-mil thick poly vinyl chloride
with a yellow translucent, matte finish. A ¼-inch diameter elastic shock cord shall be
hemmed into the opening of the bag so that when stretched around the bagging flange,
the bag fits securely. The bag shall include three glove ports as an integral component to
assist in the filter change-out. Containment bags shall be suitable for continuous operating
temperatures to 150° F (66° C).
Banding Kit
Manufacturer shall supply a banding kit that includes a case/lap apron, a heavy duty tie-banding
gun, PVC bag cutting shears, a 7” cinching Velcro security/safety strap and ten 100-lb tensile
strength banding ties.
Security/Safety Strap
(#) security/safety strap (s) of nylon construction shall be included. The strap (s) shall include a
reverse-ring and Velcro fasteners on the end to secure strap during change.
Cinching Strap
(#) 7-inch cinching strap (s) of nylon construction shall be included.
Banding Ties
(#, multiples of 10) banding ties with a tensile strength of 100-lbs shall be included.
Items in parentheses ( ) denote optional selections.
# Replace with required quantity.