Parents and teachers presentation

Parents and Teachers Talking
Balanced Mathematics
Instruction at Ellengale P.S
December 4th 2014
What does a good
math program look
EQAO Math Scores
Bump It Up
Grade 2 Data Management Problem
 Minds On: Who has been to a party before? Who has received a loot bag?
 Problem: Party City sells small gift bags for birthdays. These bags have
treats or little presents in them. People buy these bags or make these bags
to give as a special gift to their guests. We need to help Party City decide
which gifts should go in these bags; gifts that children will really like.
Each bag has 5 items in them right now. There can only be 3 items in the
bag. We need to decide which 3 items are the most liked.
 Your task: With your group you are going to ask the rest of the class what
their favourite item is. Record the answers on your tally chart. Everyone has
their own tally chart to record but you will be working in a group.
Today’s Problem
First look at the items that were placed in front of you.
Which one does not belong? Explain.
After think about the items in a different way. Try to find a
different item that doesn’t belong if you think about them
in this new way.
-Good Questions by Marian Small