French Revolution Writing Assignment:

French Revolution Writing Assignment:
Name______________________________ PF#____
Assignment Overview: Write a letter to a friend in another country from the perspective of a peasant, noble,
clergy member, royal family member, or member of the bourgeoisie about what has been going on in France
during the French Revolution time period.
Directions: Your letter needs to include the following:
1. It should be at least three paragraphs that are at least four sentences long.
a. One paragraph talking about the set-up of French society
b. One talking about the early parts of the French Revolution
c. One paragraph about the Radical Republic under Robespierre.
2. It should use the following words correctly in addressing the three paragraphs.
a. At least 10 vocabulary words
b. 3 people’s names
c. 2 countries
d. 1 city
3. It should be typed, with the words in underlined and in bold font. EX: King Louis XVI
4. We will be going to the computer lab to type your papers on ____________________.
5. Use your papers, OGT books, and World History books to help you write your letter.
I am writing from the perspective of a …
Grader: Put a checkmark each time you find a word that matches for the section below: Then after reading the
entire letter, put the total number in the blank after the = sign. If they have three paragraphs of at least four
sentences, give them 5 points. If they are short on sentences, take 1 point off for each sentence they are short.
10 vocabulary words: ___________________________________=
3 people: _________________________________=
2 countries: __________________________________=
1 city: _________________________________=
3 paragraphs (4 sentences each paragraph)=
Letter matches to perspective chosen (Yes or No)
After a student grader has tallied your words etc., I will read your letters and give a final grade. This
assignment will be worth 45 points. I will be checking for the following:
1. All words are used correctly. Each word (vocab, name, etc.) is worth 2 points. 1 for the word, and 1 for
using it correctly.
2. You have the correct perspective for the person you have chosen. (8 points)
3. 5 points for the minimum number of sentences and paragraphs. (5 points)
Use the back of this sheet for prewriting!
I am writing from the perspective of a…
French Society
Early Revolution
Radical Revolution