AP WORLD CHAPTER 24 due date: 12/12

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Due dates for:
 Part 1 (Roman numerals I, II and III) is due Wednesday, December 2, 2015
 Part 2 (Roman numerals IV, V and the conclusion) is due Monday, December 7, 2015
For each topic, give a three sentence explanation unless otherwise noted. Be sure to use
all appropriate vocabulary terms and make them bold. You must submit a hard copy.
I) Causes of the Industrial Revolution
[6 points]
a) Population (demography). Give population statistics (p.599 paragraph 1); state the main reasons
for population growth (top of page 600). Explain what caused higher birth rates (next paragraph).
b) The Agricultural Revolution. Describe the agricultural revolution. Explain why rich landowners
“enclosed” their land. What impact did the enclosure movement have on tenant farmers?
II) The Technological Revolution
[10 points]
a) Mass Production Pottery (p.602). Define mass production. Explain how Josiah Wedgewood
used the division of labor concept to produce porcelain pottery. [2 sentences total]
b) Mechanization (p.603): The Cotton Industry. Explain how the mechanization process in
the cotton industry worked. Be sure to mention the spinning jenny, the water frame,
and Richard Arkwright in your Answer.
c) The Iron Industry (p.604). State what interchangeable parts were used for. One sentence.
d) The Steam Engine (p.607). Define steam engine; explain James Watt’s role in the
development of the steam engine; explain Robert Fulton’s achievement and give details
about steamboat usage. [3-4 sentences].
e) Communication over wires (p.609). What was the telegraph? When did the telegraph start being
used? How was it used? [Two sentences.]
III) The Impact of the Industrial Revolution
[8 points]
a) The New Industrial Cities (p.611). Make a table for population growth in London, Manchester,
and New York. Describe the housing and lifestyles of poor migrants who had moved to cities.
b) Rural Environments (p.612). What was timber used for? What was the environmental impact
of the radical increase in timber cutting?
[2 sentences]
c) Working Conditions (p.613). Describe urban working conditions vis a vis (with relation to) hours, pay,
safety, and child labor.
d) Changes in Society (p.614). Explain the social changes that occurred due to the Industrial
Revolution. Discuss the problem presented by business cycles.
IV) Ideological & Political Responses to Industrialization
[8 points]
a) Laissez Faire & Its Critics (p.615). Define laissez faire & explain Adam Smith’s POV. Explain the
views of Malthus and Ricardo with respect to population and wages. What was their solution?
b) Positivism and Utopian Socialism (p.616). Just define these two terms. See p.616.
c) Protests and Reform (p.616) What did Robert Owen do in 1834? What was Owen’s purpose?
What was his goal? Identify and explain the significance of the labor legislation that was
passed in 1833 and 1842.
V) Industrialization and the Non-Industrial World.
[5 points]
a) Russia. What effect did fear of political change have on Russia? [One sentence.]
[p.617, last paragraph]
b) Egypt (p.618). What did Muhammad Ali (1769-1849) do to lessen dependence on the Ottoman
Empire? [Two sentences.]
c) India (p.618). What did India import? What did it export? What was built in the mid-1850s
to hasten the process of importing and exporting? [One sentence.]
VI) Conclusion. Summarize these three paragraphs in three sentences.
[3 points]
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