Advanced Building Technology Courses

Advanced Building Technology Courses
Department of Architecture
University of Oregon
These courses can be used to fulfill the Department of Architecture’s new advanced building technology
course requirement. Students who have not yet received credit for or had ARCH 4/563 waived are
required to take 4 credits of advanced building technology coursework prior to graduation.
To complete the requirement with a 3 credit course, students must add a 1 credit independent study
focused on the same topic as the 3 credit course.
If you think a course not listed may count toward this requirement, contact Mike Clark
[email protected] to confirm before taking the course.
ARCH 4/507 Green Building Façades
ARCH 4/507 High Performance Buildings
AAAP 4/508 Building Assessment
ARCH 4/508 Timber Framing Workshop
ARCH 4/508 Shaping Structures
ARCH 4/510 Building Design for Heating
ARCH 4/510 Residential Construction
ARCH 4/510 Masonry Structures and Construction
ARCH 4/563 Structural Systems
ARCH 4/596 The Window
ARCH 4/597 Case Studies in Sustainable Design
ARCH 4/598 Energy Scheming
IARC 4/592 Electric Lighting