HS PE-Health 1

Instructor: Bob Weiler
Subject Area: physical education 9 - 12
Curriculum Objective: Students will be able to identify weight lifting lifts and determine what muscle
groups they are working. Students will develop strength and power through regular interval weight training.
Students will learn the safety requirements of using proper lifting form along with understanding the
importance of the weight equipment structure and use.
Content Standard Alignment: HP l ; Structures of, functions of, and relationships among human body
Process Standard Alignment: 4.5: Develop, monitor and revise plans of action to meet deadlines and
accomplish goals.
CTE Objective: 9 – 12; A1; Identify and correct or report safety hazards. Students will identify, select and
set up equipment by laying out plans and creating weight lifting equipment that can be made in the welding
room and transported to the weight room. Equipment manufactured could be the bench and incline press
along with squat racks and racks for weights to be mounted on. The instructor will point out what muscle
groups will be used through each manufactured machine.
Learner Activity: Students will work on weight lifting routines on Monday, Wednesday and Friday using
proper technique and mechanics demonstrated by the instructor. Students will learn the proper lifting
mechanics too ensure complete safety at all times.
Assessment Activity: Students will complete a worksheet using a chart provided detailing what lifts
improve certain muscle groups.
Method of Assessment: Students will be tested every four weeks on lifts from the bench and military press
along with squats. Students will be tested on what muscle groups are being worked through each individual
Instructional Method: Students will go over a safety lesson along with proper technique while performing
various lifts while in the weight room. Spotters will be instructed on the necessity of safety and proper
technique. Students will be given a detailed explanation on what muscle group is being targeted for each
required lift.
Resource: Teacher/Chart Provided/Internet
Reflection/Lesson Evaluation: This unit is for students to see maximum results that proper weight lifting
techniques can provide for the serious lifter. a sense of teamwork will be developed through assisting others
while lifting.